Adopt a Round-a-bout Project – “The Establishment of Phoenix Square”

The Tourism Enhancement Fund partnered with the Trench Town Polytechnic College to assist with the adoption and upgrading of the Phoenix Square (Roundabout) at the intersection of West Road and Eight Street, Trench Town under its Adopt a Roundabout Project in order to enhance visitors’ and locals’ experience within the area. A steady growth in the Airbnb movement can be seen in the area as visitors travel to and stay in the area for the contemporary dancehall scene and the authentic community-tourism experience.

The project has not yet begun but the upgrades to the Phoenix Square Roundabout are to include infrastructural and landscaping works, to enhance the open spaces and revival of treasured relics through road and sidewalk rehabilitation, installation of garbage receptacles and benches as well as inclusion of decorative fencing .

The vision for the square is to become an inviting recreational respite for social gathering and relaxation for local and visitors in the community of Trench Town, the birthplace of Bob Marley and other musical greats.

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