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The Jamaica Centre of Tourism Innovation (JCTI) is a Division of the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF), an Agency of the Ministry of Tourism. The JCTI is tasked with facilitating the development of Jamaica’s valuable human capital and support innovation for the tourism sector.

Tourism is central to Jamaica’s national development. The goal of the programmes and activities of the Ministry of Tourism is to create jobs that redound to an improved quality of life for the average Jamaican. This programme aimed at the sustainable development of tourism rests on five pillars:

New Investments

New Markets

New Products

New Partnerships

Human Capital Developments

The Functions of the JCTI

The JCTI has four main functions, as follows:

To facilitate the certification and licensure of Jamaicans working in tourism

To facilitate the certification of students and graduates studying hospitality, tourism and culinary arts

The certification of faculty and tutors delivering these certification programmes to facilitate innovation in the tourism sector

To manage and execute the TEF Summer Internship Programme

Who Is Eligible to Apply for Certification?

There are three groups of persons eligible to apply for Certification:

Persons working in the tourism sector

Any person now working for a tourism organization can approach your HR Department and apply for certification through your employer. The employer pays for the certification.

College Students and recent Graduates

Any current student pursuing a degree in hospitality, tourism or culinary arts is eligible. There is no cost to students for certification. Any individual who graduated within the last eighteen (18) months with a degree in hospitality, tourism or culinary arts is eligible to apply for certification. There is no cost to recent graduates for certification.

Persons now working in tourism who wish to pursue certification independently, not through their employer

Any person now working for a tourism entity is entitled to apply for certification by submitting an application independently. There is a cost to this individual.

Jamaica Centre of Tourism innovation

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The High School Programme

The JCTI spend a significant amount of time and resources on working with the Ministry of Education, Youth & Information (MEY&I) to facilitate the certification high school students. At the JCTI, this is seen as the population from which future tourism managers and supervisors will come, and so great care is taken with the development of these students. Currently JCTI, in collaboration with the MEY&I is rolling out the two-year Hospitality and Tourism Management Programme (HTMP). These young people will graduate with an AHLEI Certificate as well as an Associates Degree in Customer Service. Together, these young people will be ready for jobs in tourism as well as other commercial activities.

JCTI Courses

JCTI 2020 Online Graduation

JCTI Online Graduates

The Partners

In order to achieve these goals, the JCTI works through public and private sector partners, as well as local and international organizations. The list includes:

The Registry

The JCTI will maintain a Registry of persons who are certified. This will include all persons receiving the following certifications facilitated through the JCTI:

Certified Hospitality Educator

Certified Hospitality Instructor

Certified Culinary Tutor

Certified Bartender Tutor

Certified Hospitality Supervisors

Certified Chefs

Certified Bartenders

Certified Culinary Evaluator

Customer Service Gold Professional

Certified Spa Supervisor

Certified Hospitality Revenue Manager

Certified Food & Beverage Executive

NCTVET Certification

Certified Hospitality Housekeeping Executive

Certified Hospitality Trainer

Certified Hotel Concierge

HTMP Certificate


This Registry will also make it possible for:

  • Certified employees to upload and update their resumes
  • Employers may register their companies on the website and thus have access to this premier list of certified persons
  • Individuals to complete their initial applications for certification
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