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The Artisan Village at Falmouth

The Artisan Village at Falmouth (AVF) is the newest historical
experiential attraction, envisioned by the Hon. Edmund Bartlett, CD, MP and fully funded by the Tourism Enhancement Fund.

The Village

The AVF, located at Hampden Wharf will be connecting authentic Jamaican artisans and their products, Jamaican food, and drinks; that will all tie into important stories of Jamaica’s cultural heritage.

This is the first of its kind in Jamaica and the region to also include a fully digital experience, powered with augmented reality and virtual reality technology experiences.

Our History

For four years, there was a ship that entered port, with music louder than the bough cutting into the seas or the sailor’s rowdy merriment. “I bet that there is an African playing music on that ship,” Brae said once. “Why do they always steal us for their entertainment?” she pondered. trees reached into me with curling fists and snaking fingers for moisture to nourish their core, ensuring they were rich and productive. This was the pact between land and river while the masters sailed their cargo up and down on rafts in the way the Spaniards taught them. (For a set of people who didn’t like each other they sure knew how to steal each other’s ideas).

So when Joseph Emidy, later dubbed, ‘the first British Composer of the African Diaspora’ arrived it wasn’t because he wanted to be here. Already enslaved twice, Emidy, with a broken spirit, was dumped on the island by his enslaver Pellew. He came as a free black unto the developed wharf in Falmouth in the year 1799 on the 28th of February.

The history of Falmouth is captured through augmented and virtual reality experiences designed by Gregory Moore – showcasing the evolution of this cultural hub from the 19th century to now. Located at Hampden Wharf, this attraction also features authentic Jamaican entertainment with historical re-enactments, cultural dances, live music, and spoken word. Each day, visitors can look forward to a showcase of talent for all ages.

Its unique positioning on the northern coast makes the Artisan Village at Falmouth an ideal destination for those looking for locally made decor, clothing, or food items and individuals or groups seeking an enriching cultural experience. Each shop is named for an iconic part of Falmouth’s history, culture, or landscape, with carefully selected artisans curating locally made items for sale. The Artisan Village will be open to the public Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm weekly. Artisans, selling traditional Jippi Jappa woven pieces, lignum vitae jewelry, carvings, food, and more will gather to greet tourists and locals alike.

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