Devon House Projects

Devon House is strategically positioned as one of the main heritage tourist attractions in the Kingston Metropolitan Resort Area. The Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) has partnered with the Devon House Development Company Limited and Tourism Product Development Company Limited to execute several projects at the Devon House Heritage Site, aimed at maintaining the site as well as improving its aesthetic appeal for both locals and tourists alike. Devon House falls directly under the support of the Ministry of Tourism who in turn manages the property.

Since 2012, TEF has funded several infrastructural developments to make the landmark financially sustainable. Some of the upgrades include: the pavement of walkways, the construction of a new Ice Cream Shop and new public restroom facility, the removal and replacement of a defective pump and the installation of a new pump, the extension of the fencing around the property, as well as improvement works to the Devon House Mansion.

Many other projects have been approved but have not yet begun, which include: the development of the concept design for the Gastronomy Centre/’Pop Up’ Kitchen, the construction of an architectural style bus shed, purchase of a bust statue of George Stiebel, installation of video surveillance and video analytics system; as well as the development of the courtyard, multipurpose hall rehabilitation, and the construction of an office building.

In 2017, Devon House was launched as the first Gastronomy Centre by the Hon. Edmund Bartlett. It has since evolved from being home of Jamaica’s first black millionaire, George Stiebel, to being synonymous with fun, family entertainment and recreation in Kingston, where guests can tour, shop, dine and relax.

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