FAQs for the Online Courses specifically include the following:

I do not have Wi-Fi access at home. Will I still be able to apply for the JCTI Training programme?

Yes. You will be able to use the resources of one of the Community Access Points (CAP) in your neighbourhood. Please see the LMS for details on available locations.

How long is each course?

It will depend on the course. Some are 5 days, other six weeks, other three weeks. All will require two hours of your time daily.

Will my mobile data be enough to withstand the length of each class?

We believe so. Tutors will conduct a 20 minute introduction, then you will work on your own for an hour and return for a 20 minute wrap up. Please keep this in mind as you make arrangements for mobile data or wi-fi access.

What is the cost to register for a JCTI programme?

The courses are offered at no cost to you. The JCTI will absorb this cost..

Will the classes use videos or real-time video-conferencing methods?

Real-time video conferencing will be used. Please ensure to check the schedule so that you do not miss your classes to benefit from the real-time interaction with your tutor and fellow classmates.
All sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the LMS for future reference.

General FAQs include the following:

What is the Jamaica Centre of Tourism Innovation (JCTI)?

The JCTI was established to provide certification for students and recent graduates studying Hospitality, Tourism or Culinary Arts, as well as persons working in the tourism industry.

Further, JCTI is tasked with facilitating the certification of tutors delivering hospitality, tourism and culinary arts, as well as expediting innovation in the tourism sector.

This decision responds to the demand for the staff needed to serve a year- round inclusive tourism industry.

The mission of the JCTI is to enhance Jamaica’s competitiveness through the certification and licensure of Jamaicans working in the tourism

What are the major certification bodies working with JCTI?

The JCTI works with the following partners who provide internationally benchmarked certification:

The American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI)
The American Culinary Federation (ACF)
Wray & Nephew Academy

What are the programmes offered through the JCTI?

The JCTI currently offers certification in:

  • Culinary Arts (ACF)
  • Hospitality Supervisor (AHLEI)
  • Hospitality & Tourism Management Programme (AHLEI)
  • Bartending (HEART, Wray & Nephew)
  • Tutor Certification (in all the above listed programmes) (AHLEI and ACF)


Who qualifies for a JCTI programme?

The two groups who qualify for certification are:

  • Students or recent graduates of a tertiary institution
  • Workers in the industry


What are the requirements?

Students or recent graduates of a tertiary institution

Students need to have an Associate Degree or be in an Associate Degree programme
Persons who have graduated college in the last 18 months, who have at least an Associate Degree
Workers in the industry

Individuals with at least two years’ work experience in the industry qualify
*Each JCTI certification has specific mandatory requirements.

How long are the certification programmes?

The length of the programme is dependent on the requirements. For example, Bartender Certification is a five (5) day programme; Hospitality Supervision for college students lasts for three (3) months.

What is the cost of the certification programmes?

Certification is FREE OF COST for students and recent college graduates. For more information, contact your Head of School.

For workers, employers generally pay for the certification. For more information, contact your Human Resources department.

How do I register for a JCTI programme?

Persons interested in registering for JCTI programmes should:

Contact their Training and Human Resources office/ manager, if employed; and contact the Head of School, if they are students.

Are there any additional perks for students?

Yes, students and recent graduates get a stipend for the duration of the programme.

Do tutors require specific training to deliver certification programmes?

Yes, tutors require specific training in order to deliver certification programmes. The JCTI will facilitate this certification for interested college faculty.

Do candidates need specialized materials for these certification programmes?

Yes, the JCTI will provide all the books, study material, tutors and test preparation materials for all candidates.

Do tutors get paid?

Yes, tutors are invited to work up to 20 hours per month for which they receive payment of fees and travelling expenses.

What do successful candidates get after successful completion of certification programmes?

This will depend on the Certification. 

Candidates in Bartender Certification, there is a Certificate from NCTVET, signed by the JCTI and Wray & Nephew Academy; and Hospitality Supervision candidates will receive a Certificate from the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI), as well as an AHLEI pin and a NCTVET Certificate.