The Faces of TEF

The Faces of TEF

Hon. Edmund Bartlett, CD, MP

Minister of Tourism

Our Board Members

Hon. Godfrey Dyer, OJ, CD, JP


Dr. Carey Wallace

Executive Director

Our other board members are:

Mr. Joseph Issa (Deputy Chairman), Mr. Ian Dear, Ms. Judy Schoenbein, Mr. Jordan Samuda, Mr. Marc Williams, Mr. David Dobson, Ms.Beverley Russell, Ms. Carolyn Campbell, Mr. Omar Robinson,  and Mr. Donovan White, Mr. Clifton Reader

Mr. Jordan Samuda

Mr. Joseph Issa

Mr. Donovan White

Mr. Ian Dear

Ms. Judy Schoenbein

Ms. Carolyn Campbell

Ms. Beverly Russell

Mr. David Dobson

Mr. Clifton Reader

Mr. Marc Williams

Mr. Omar Robinson

Ms. Tanisha Cunningham

Board Secretary

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Our Management Team

Carol Rose Brown

Director, Jamaican Centre for Tourism Innovation Department

Johan Rampair

Director, Projects Department

Carolyn McDonald-Riley

Director, Tourism Linkages Network Department

Francine James-Prince

Director, Finance Department

Gis'elle O. Jones

Manager, Research and Risk Management Department

Terriann East- Oldham

Manager, Human Resources and Administration Department

Recardo Hanson, Esq.

Internal Auditor (CAE)

Adrian Chin

Manager, Public Procurement