FAQ – Projects

Frequently Asked Questions


How does TEF Projects Department Work?

TEF is charged with the responsibility of executing projects in the tourism sector. Usually, TEF would determine that a project is needed in a particular area and engage the relevant agency to partner for the execution.  

Additionally, the Tourism Linkages Network has also placed great emphasis on experiential tourism. Its aim is to drive the passion points of today’s tourism specifically through the buildout of five networks

These are: Gastronomy, Health & Wellness, Knowledge, Shopping & Sports and Entertainment. 

Who does TEF Partner with?

TEF usually partners with Government agencies or Non- Government agencies and charities.  


I have an AirBnB. Can I get funding from TEF to fix up my place? Does TEF fund private projects?

The TEF does not fund private projects, we would suggest that you seek funding through our JNSBL or EXIM Bank.

Private projects may be defined as any project being developed with the aim of making a profit. Private projects include private homes (e.g. properties on AirBnb and other home-sharing platforms). 

What is the process for TEF funding?

TEF has an application form that is used for applications that prospective partners can use. 

This form may be found on the Projects Department main page of our website.


Does the TEF execute projects?

Yes. TEF also executes projects by partnering with various agencies such as the Tourism Product Development Company and the National Works Agency.  

If TEF is not using a governmental agency to execute a project, it will utilise the Government Procurement Procedures found here:

https://mof.gov.jm › procurement. 

Can I apply for funding for a startup or currently operated business?

The TEF does not provide capital funding for businesses that are for-profit. However, we are in partnership with EXIM Bank and JN Small Business Loans, where Small and Medium Tourism Enterprises are able to access the TEF/EXIM loan facility for up to $25 million loan with a 4.5% interest rate per annum; and the TEF/ JN loan for up to 5M for with a 5% interest rate per annum. 

Can TEF assist in the development of a tourism related project?

No. However, the TPDCO Product Development Department does. Visit their website at https://www.tpdco.org/ or contact their Product Development Department at 876-968-3441; 876-968-1909; 876-968-3626