Milk River Hotel and Spa Projects

The Milk River Hotel and Spa is operated by the Ministry of Tourism. The property’s main attraction is the healing waters which are supplied by a continuous flow of lukewarm mineral water.

The Tourism Enhancement Fund has been partnering with agencies towards the improvement of the Milk River Hotel and Spa since 2011. The Milk River Hotel and Spa strives to become a first-class attraction in keeping with the fame of its healing waters. Therefore, the location has been benefited from installation of a hotel management system, a man lift, and fire alarm system, structural and aesthetic renovation to the West Wing of the facility, landscaping works, minor carpentry works as well as upgrades to the pool area upgrades and sewage system. The spa also had 21 directional signs installed to improve efficiencies in travelling to and from the attraction.

The rehabilitation of the roadway is slated to commence in 2020 and will aid in the continued development of the prime tourism products in the South Coast Resort Area.

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