Lyssons Beach Rehabilitation

Over the years, the Lyssons Beach, in St. Thomas, has been noted to be a scenic tranquil location prime to attract many. The beach’s development commenced in 2015 under the Tourism Enhancement Fund’s Beaches Upgrading Programme and was completed in November 2018. The project was completed in two phases.

In 2016, phase 1 of the improvements completed at Lyssons Beach included but was not limited to the renovation of the restrooms, upgrade of the sewage system, construction of five gazebos, foot bridge and walkways, fabrication of three lifeguard stands, construction of a guard house and an outdoor shower area.

In 2018, phase 2 was completed and included but was not limited to the construction of a wooden perimeter fence and the fabrication of a chain link fence for demarcation purposes, the establishment of a parking lot and driveway and landscaping to prescribed areas.

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