Construction of the Negril Mini Stadium

The Negril Mini Stadium located in White Hall, Westmoreland was an informal sporting and recreational facility that serves the Negril and surrounding communities. The main objective is to provide a formal sporting and recreational area in a comfortable environment for all users of the facility.

The project was done in two phases, 2016 and 2019. In 2016, phase 1 of the project involved the construction of a two-story building with aluminum metal roofing, restrooms/changing rooms on each level, sewage and water connections, electrical distribution and improvements to the perimeter wall and parking lot. In 2019, Phase 2 of the Negril Mini Stadium includes the rehabilitation of the football field and the construction of a spectator stand.

The sporting facility aims to enhance the local economy, aid in community development, and provide a needed recreational area for local and foreigners alike.

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