Gastronomy Network

Gastronomy Network

Taste Ja - May 17, 2020-2920

Gastronomy tourism has been identified as a medium for diversifying the Jamaican tourism product in order to strengthen our competitive advantage in the international market. The proposed strategy focuses on illustrating Jamaica’s culinary expertise and talent through the promotion of existing festivals, as well as creating a framework to combine existing culinary enterprises, resources, festivals, etc., into an engaging tourism product that will attract more visitors to travel to Jamaica for the distinct purpose of participating in our culinary landscape.


To provide an effective governance framework to facilitate development of gastronomy tourism as a mechanism for diversifying the Jamaican tourism product.


Develops strategic partnerships and linkages along Jamaica’s culinary value chain that will support development of a defined tourism-based gastronomy product.

Supports development of a compliant gastronomy sector that can be packaged and marketed as tours or events.

Major Initiatives

Taste Jamaica

Master Brand for Gastronomy Tourism in Jamaica

Technology Innovation

Taste Jamaica website and mobile app

Product Development and Enhancement

Designation of Devon House as Jamaica’s first Gastronomy Centre

Gastro-Diplomacy Activities:

World Sustainable Gastronomy Day

Investing in Human Capital Development:

◦ Culinary Ambassador Programme
◦ Recipe Writing Workshops

Satisfaction Surveys

Taste Jamaica at South Beach Wine and Food Festival (SOBEWFF)

Trainings and Seminars