Government of Jamaica

Procurement of Design and Consultancy Services for the Upgrade of Beaches for TEF

Procurement Entity: Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF)
Project Name: Procurement of Design and Consultancy Services for the Upgrade of
Beaches for TEF
Retendered RFP#: NCB-2021-01-PD/009
Description of Works: Design Consultancy Services are being sought in relation to conducting an assessment of the existing property and determine:
the suitable architectural and engineering designs to adequately
enable the use of the property(s) as a public beach park. Meeting
with the project stakeholders to discuss the proposed project, goals,
scope of works mentioned in the Bidding Documents, and desired
outcomes. Preparing and documenting finding from assessments for
review of the client. Assessing the current drainage pattern of the
property and its surrounding environment. Prepare beach erosion
mitigation assessment and designs. Develop and prepare concept
drawings in 2D and 3D formats. Prepare working drawings to include;
Architectural, Civil/Structural, Mechanical and Electrical. Prepare
and submit documents and secure all statutory approvals. Prepare
detailed bills of quantities for input in GoJ Standard bidding
Documents. Prepare a project schedule with cash flow projections.
Contract Administration and Construction Supervision, for the
Lot 1: Winnifred Beach – Portland
Lot 2: Paagee Beach – St. Mary
Lot 3: Success Beach – St. James
Eligibility: Requirements as Detailed in Section 2, ITC 6.9 | A valid TCC is
required at Bid Submission)
Procurement Method: Bidding will be conducted through the National Competitive Bidding
(NCB) procedures as specified by the Government of Jamaica (GoJ)
Public Procurement Act, 2015 & Public Procurement Regulation,
Contact Information: Manager, Public Procurement, Tourism Enhancement Fund
60 Knutsford Boulevard
Second Floor, PanJam Building
Kingston 5
Tender Document:
Available on the GoJ Electronic Procurement website Bidding Documents will be available for
download as at January 11, 2021. Registration instructions are
available on the website. Mandatory registration is required for
vendors to participate.
Failure to obtain the bidding documents from the TEF via the GoJ
Electronic Procurement website will result in the Bidder’s
ineligibility to participate in the procurement process.
Deadline for submission: Bids must be submitted online via no
later than February 24, 2021 at 2:00 p.m. Jamaica Time (UTC 5)
Online Bid Opening takes place on the same day at 2:15
p.m. An online bid opening report will be sent to all Bidders
that submitted a proposal.

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