Procurement of Consultancy Services for Tourism Sector Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for the TEF

Country: Jamaica
Procurement Entity: Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF)
Project Name: Procurement of Consultancy Services for
Tourism Sector Business Continuity Plan
(BCP) for the TEF
RFP#: NCB-2021-01-RRMD/014
Description of

Development of Business Continuity Plan
The consultant will prepare a BCP
Guidebook and to provide support with its
implementation. This includes:
Conducting stakeholder engagements
with the relevant public and private sector
entities. Developing a BCP guidebook,
applicable to both large entities and
SMTEs, which will serve as a step-by-step
guide to completing, implementing and
updating a BCP. Develop templates to
be used in the process such as SWOT
Analysis, Triggers and Implications, Crisis
Communication Plan etc. Making
recommendations to the Ministry of
Tourism (MoT) and TEF for tracking the
implementation of BCPs across the sector.
Lead the training for the implementation
of the BCP by way of an online video
series and train the trainer workshops.
Development of Video Series
Upon completing the BCP Guidebook,
the Consultant will be required to create
an interactive online video series. The
objective of this video series is to provide
step-by-step guidance to users on how
to utilize the BCP Guidebook to create a
BCP for their specific entities. It is
anticipated that the series will require
approximately six (6) 5-minute videos.
Features that must be included are as
Animation or a mixture of animation and
live action. An option for closed captioning. Possess multiple platform capability
and high quality for the TEF website and
social media etc.
Eligibility: Requirements as Detailed in Section 2,
ITC 6.9 | A valid TCC is (required at Bid

Bidding will be conducted through the
National Competitive Bidding (NCB)
procedures as specified by the Government
of Jamaica (GOJ) Public Procurement
Act, 2015 & Public Procurement Regulation, 2018.
Manager, Public Procurement
Tourism Enhancement Fund
60 Knutsford Boulevard
Second Floor, PanJam Building
Kingston 5.
Tender Document:
Available on the GOJ Electronic Procurement
website Bidding
Documents will be available for download
as at February 9, 2021. Registration
instructions are available on the website.
Mandatory registration is required for
vendors to participate.
Failure to obtain the bidding documents
from the TEF via the GOJ Electronic
Procurement website will result in the
Bidder’s ineligibility to participate in the
procurement process.
Deadline for
Bids must be submitted online via no later than
March 9, 2021 at 2:00 p.m. jamaica
time (UTC 5)
Online Bid Opening takes place on the
same day at 2:15 p.m. An online bid
opening report will be sent to all Bidders
that submitted a proposal.
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