Government of Jamaica

Design and Implementation of an Entertainment Plan for the Artisan Village in Falmouth

The Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF), and Agency of the Ministry of Tourism is
undertaking the development of an Artisan Village at the Port of Falmouth, Jamaica.
This is a heritage site and the Artisan Village will reflect this sensibility. The Artisan
Village will open to the public in 2021.
The activities at Falmouth will be themed around Sugar and Rum. The space will be
themed to look like a seaport from which Sugar and Rum are exported. This subject
includes all the players in Falmouth’s past and present and underpins Jamaica’s past.
The rationale for this project is linked to poverty reduction, reduction in unemployment
creation, entrepreneurship and growth of the local economy. Indeed, Artisan Village is
intended to bring artisans into contact with the tourism value chain.

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