Design and Implementation of an Entertainment Plan for the Artisan Village in Falmouth for TEF

Country: Jamaica

Procurement Entity:
Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF)

Project Name: Design and Implementation of an Entertainment Plan for the Artisan Village in Falmouth for TEF

RFP#: NCB-2021-02-JCTI/0016

Description of Works: The TEF requires the services of an experienced and knowledgeable Artistic Director (Consultant/Firm), who oversees all aspects of staging of the creative, artistic and cultural production of the entertainment package at the Artisan Village, Falmouth. The entertainment package will be developed, managed and executed under the leadership
of the Artistic Director/Firm. Such activities include assessing and selecting the performances that will be shown, recruiting actors and performers, setting production schedules as well as managing the production budget. The entertainment package will be performed daily, at prescheduled times, by trained, professional performers contracted for this purpose. Performers should include: musicians, dancers, actors, along with requisite technical staff for choreography, set and prop design, audio visual, lighting and other areas. In addition, performers will also welcome guests and serve as tour guides in the Artisan Village.

Eligibility: The TEF invites all eligible and qualified consultants to indicate their interest for the design and implementation of an entertainment plan. Interested Consultants/Firms will be determined to be short-listed by providing documentary evidence demonstrating in their Expressions of Interest that they have the relevant resources, description of similar assignments conducted, adequate qualifications, have experience in similar
conditions, and availability of appropriate staff, whether by themselves or in conjunction with other eligible firms. As a result of the EOI’s evaluation, TEF will short-list three (3) Consulting Firms or association of firms, that will be invited to submit Technical and Financial Proposals.
Consultants/Firms may associate with other Consultants/Firms with the aim of enhancing their submission.

Procurement Method: Bidding will be conducted through the
National Competitive Bidding (NCB) procedures as specified by the Government of Jamaica (GoJ), Public Procurement Act, 2015, Public Procurement Regulations, 2018 & Handbook of Public Sector
Procurement Procedures, 2014 for the Procurement of Consulting Service.

Contact Information:
Manager, Public Procurement
Tourism Enhancement Fund
60 Knutsford Boulevard
2nd, PanJam Building
Kingston 5.

TOR: Available on the Tourism Enhancement Fund’s website Terms of Reference (ToR)
will be available for download as at February 16, 2021.

Deadline for Submission:
EOIs must be submitted via Email to no later than
March 3, 2021 and must hold the caption “Design and Implementation of an
Entertainment Plan for the Artisan Village in Falmouth for TEF – NCB-2021 02-JCTI/0016” in the subject line. For additional info visit:

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